Chipster iPhone Case takes minimalist cases a bit too far


When you go out and buy a new smartphone, you usually end up dropping a couple hundred bucks, if not more. So it makes sense to spend a little extra money to protect your investment. I’m not talking about those extended warranties that don’t help when you drop your phone and crack the screen. No, I’m talking about cases that save your phone when you drop it. It’s a smart idea, since buying a new phone the second time around tends to cost even more, since you won’t be paying that subsidized cost. With that in mind, I have an interesting case to show you today.

The Chipster iPhone Case has to be one of the most confusing products I’ve seen in a while. Generally, the reason a person buys a smartphone case is to protect their phone. So at the very least, it has a nice rubber or plastic coating that can take drops, hits, and scrapes like a champ. So why on earth would you make a case out of chipboard? If you’re not familiar with chipboard, it’s basically just a thick paper stock made from recycled materials. What’s more, it only covers the top and bottom of the iphone on the front. Even the sides are completely exposed.

The only feature that this case has is that it can store up to three credit cards. While that is a nice feature to have, plenty of other cases offer it. And while the $25 price isn’t exactly expensive, you can find others in that price range that are actually going to offer some protection for your phone.

Source: ChipChick

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