Boostcase for iPhone 5

How many times have you spoken on your iPhone 5, only to have the handset die on you? That is definitely irritating to say the least, especially when you have got a pretty large business dealing going on at that point in time. Having said that, it pays to ensure that your iPhone 5 remains charged up whenever possible, be it on your commute to work in the car or using a portable battery. How about settling for a 2-in-1 solution? This is what the £59.99 Boostcase for iPhone 5 is all about, where this detachable battery sleeve will not only offer some protection for your iPhone 5, but it also gives a boost to its battery life as its name suggests.

After all, the higher resolution camera and faster processor sure needs its fair share of power to run, and so this is where the Boostcase makes perfect sense. While the Boostcase does not blow its trumpet to tout that this is the first portable charger in existence, it claims to be the “cleverest, most attractive and easiest to use”, but is it, really? It is basically a combination of Hybrid technology, where the first segment is a sleek, snap-on protective case that was meant to remain attached to your iPhone all the time, while the second part would be an attachable battery sleeve that can be clipped onto the back of the snap-on case in a jiffy, delivering 1,500mAh of raw, recharging power.