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ChargeLight does more than just light up your world


It is said that every home should own a torchlight of their own, at least a couple would be good, as you can never quite tell just when you will need to “call” upon it. Of course, there is also the issue of ensuring that you have the right amount of batteries (as well as size) to go along with those torchlights, otherwise it would be about as effective as an ordinary paperweight. This is one of the reasons why those hand cranked torchlights are pretty popular, although after a while, the internal battery sort of dies and cannot hold a charge any more – making it unfit for use unless there are two people around – one to crank it, and the other to work with his/her hands. Not only that, it emits a fair amount of noise which is bound to attract attention in a zombie apocalypse, and that is a huge no-no. This is where the ChargeLight comes in handy.

 The ChargeLight comes with a couple of tools on offer which are essential to our connected lives, namely power and light. This is an elegant, portable LED flashlight that not only provides light, but it also has the capability to double up as a battery pack for just about any USB device, and these will include the iPhone, iPad, and Android-powered devices among others. Not only that, it will come in a lightweight form factor that is also sleek, making it a snap to tote around in your pocket or purse, without having to worry that there is a possibility of dead batteries coming into the picture.

The ChargeLight has an extremely low internal discharge rate, where it is capable of lasting over a year without having to be juiced up. LED lights will show off just how much battery life there is left, letting you know when you have power, and making it easy to check at a glance. You can charge it via the included dock or use a USB adaptor, whichever floats your boat. Oh yeah, the dock itself is also a charging hub for multiple devices simultaneously. You can choose between 100%, 50% and 10% light power based on your needs, and it is up for pre-order at $99.99 a pop, with shipping to commence this September.

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