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I am ashamed to admit it, I am an e-mail hoarder. It’s true, I have tens of thousands of them. I promise myself that I’m going to delete the junk, so my important e-mails don’t keep getting lost in the pile, but every time I get started I feel so overwhelmed. It’s gotten to a point that I’ve considered just closing the account and getting a new one, but what about all the truly important items I have saved on there? I guess I’m between a rock and a hard place.

Not anymore! Check out Unroll.me, a brand-y new, web-based application that’s soon to be compatible with most major email providers. Unroll.me compiles all your “wanted” junk, and sends you a categorized email once a day that will keep you privy to all of your endless offers, discounts, updates and social notifications, all neatly displayed in a “daily roll-up”, and you can even pick when you want it delivered. Unroll.me also lets you opt-out of the stuff you no longer wish to receive, so you can get yourself organized and cleaned up all in one fell swoop.

Unroll.me takes all the e-mails that are cluttering your inbox, and stuffs them in a special Rollup folder, allowing you to peruse the junk mail that you aren’t quite ready to part with, but certainly don’t need to be reading in between the memo’s from your boss, or the heartfelt birthday greetings from your grandmother.

So if you’re on a tablet, PC or mobile device you can add stuff to your Rollup, leave it alone, or get rid of it forever. You can forward your e-mails or simply check out nifty previews, letting you know what your in for without even opening the mail. Unroll.me is currently only available for gmail and Yahoo, but rest assured other providers like AOL are right around the corner. So simplify your life the quick and easy way, with Unroll.me.

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