Slighter USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

So your other half has been pestering you for the longest time to kick that smoking habit of yours, but somehow or rather, you find the lure of tobacco to be too powerful to resist. Since then, he or she has decided to give up on asking you to do so, and realized that you must be accepted completely – warts and all. Hence, if you happen to fall on the side who has been asking the other party to stop smoking and failed in your quest, perhaps it is time to play the role of “good cop” by getting them the $19.99 Slighter USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter.

Let’s face it – any other ordinary lighter just will not do, but an electric lighter – now there is something in which you do not see every single day. Most of us are used to gas-based or fluid-based lighters, but an electric lighter? It is certainly out of the ordinary, and we are glad to report that this is a weather-proof lighter, where it is capable of lighting up approximately 150 cigarettes before requiring a recharge. It does not use any gas or butane, and can be juiced up via USB, now how about that? Definitely the lighter to have during a zombie apocalypse, as long as you have a solar-powered energy generator, that is.