Power Bed Riser adds storage space and functionality to your bed


When I moved into my first apartment, it wasn’t exactly the most spacious of places. I had a very small room, in which I could really only fit a twin bed, with my other things. To make the most of things, I bought a cheap set of risers for my tiny bed. This gave me additional storage space underneath, which really came in handy. But what if there was a way to make those risers even more useful?

These Power Bed Risers might appear to be your average bedding accessory, however, one of them has a very special feature. The special riser has two grounded power outlets, and a pair of USB ports. This is enough to ensure that you’re able to easily plug in your laptop, phone, lamp, and anything else you might need beside your bed.

The 7-inch risers come in a set of four (for obvious reasons), and only one has the special outlets, so you’ll want to position it accordingly. The power cord that connects it to your wall is 7′ long, and should hopefully reach one of your outlets without any trouble. At a price of $25 for the set, it’s a perfect addition to a dorm, or any small bedroom.

Source: TheGadgeteer


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