Konstruktor DIY SLR camera

You can more or less say that IKEA has popularized the notion of packing everything flat, and I love the way they advertised their flattest package yet – the IKEA gift card. Surely you are unable to get any more thinner than that, can you? Well, here we are with what could be deemed to be a modern day marvel – a SLR camera that you assemble yourself. Wait a minute here, you say, aren’t these things supposed to be assembled on a production line somewhere in the world? Well, perhaps, but there is a certain satisfaction that comes with building things using your own bare hands, right? The £34.99 Konstruktor DIY SLR camera offers “flatpack photography” for those who love tinkering around with stuff.
It comes with clear and simple instructions, but even so, it is estimated to take anywhere from one to two hours in order to build your own camera. Once you are done with the task, it remains up to you to do up the external aesthetics, where you can rely on stick on leather detailing thanks to the included sticker sheet. One ought to note that Lomography is the one behind the Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera, but just remember that this is no digital camera. Rather, it will rely on classic 35mm film.