Will Return Clock will confuse your guests


People close to me are well aware that I’m someone who likes a good laugh. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get a rise out of people, and sometimes that means buying something silly, for no other reason that this. Well if you’re anything like me, then I might have just the clock for you.

If you’ve ever stopped by a small mom-and-pop shop around lunchtime, then you’ve probably encountered a sign with a clock face on it, telling you what time they’ll be back from lunch. These things have been around for ages, and don’t really provide any humor. Until you turn it into a clock, that is.

The idea behind the Will Return Clock is that you’ll set it to be ahead by a few minutes, or even an hour. Then, set it outside your office, or hang it on your door. If you have some sort of hidden camera, that will help. People will come up to your door, and realize that you’re going to be gone for just a bit, only to return and find out that you’re still going to be gone…for the exact same amount of time. Watch and see how many times it takes them to figure out that according to the clock, you’re never coming back! This silly clock will only cost you around $14, and should provide a few good laughs.


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