Thai Technique Back Massager


Have you ever visited a massage parlor and decided on a couple of hours’ worth of massage, Thai style? If you have answered in the affirmative, you would know that Thai massage would involve a whole lot of flexibility in your body (as well as the masseur’s), where knees and elbows are all part of the massaging process. If you are not single and have a mate who loves to massage you and has the technical know how of doing so, so much the better, but for all the singles out there who want a nice massage after a particularly long and difficult day at the office, you can chill out in your own home with the $169.95 Thai Technique Back Massager.

The Thai Technique Back Massager will be able to offer the tension-relieving kneading of a therapist’s feet during a Thai massage, where a couple of 4″-long x 2″-wide massaging “feet” will travel up and down either side of the back. These massaging “feet” will come in a convex shape, where they will simulate the balls of a therapist’s feet as they roll and knead tense, sore muscles. The massager is capable of targeting the upper, lower, or entire back, and the “feet” even come with built-in heating elements, while the seat itself has a three-speed vibrating motor which can be used with or without back massage, and all of these are controlled from a tethered remote. If you feel that you require additional cushioning, a padded flap is there to make your back massage experience a whole lot more comfortable.

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