LG introduces two more speakers that balances performance and cost


LG has been quite the household name where consumer electronics products are concerned, and they certainly have done pretty well for themselves where the TV is concerned. Audio, however, remains a department that LG has yet to master on a big scale, as there are other big names out there in the industry which would come to people’s minds before LG makes the list. Today, however, we are not going to touch on just which particular speaker is better, as LG has made a couple of attempts to deliver quality without breaking the bank with a couple of speakers – the LG ND5630 Dual Docking Speaker as you can see above, and the LG NP3530 portable speaker.

First of all, the LG ND5630 Dual Docking Speaker will deliver style, design and functionality all into a single device. Not only does it play back all of your favorite tunes without missing a beat, it would also pave the way for you to juice up another device of yours while playing another, now how about that? The LG ND5630 Dual Docking Speaker will play nice with iPod, iPhone and Android-powered devices, making it an easier task than ever before to enjoy your tunes in clear and crisp audio. Not only that, throw in built-in WiFi connectivity, and it becomes a simple matter to stream music via Airplay or Bluetooth.

As for LG’s portable speaker, the LG NP3530 can be classified as your classic go-to speaker on-the-go. Thanks to its internal battery, LG claims it is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of non-stop playback, which means you would have more than enough time to enjoy your favorite tunes at your next barbeque, camping trip or just plain hanging out at your favorite haunt. Thanks to the speaker’s integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, you too, will be able to stream music Bluetooth or NFC in a jiffy. Between the two, which would you be interested in?

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