Batman Arkham City Riddler Tropher Replica


Batman’s collection of villains are a strange bunch, where most of them are just plain mad. After all, villains tend to have this lust for power, while some of them are totally insane that they just want to introduce nothing but anarchy to the world. The Riddler, however, is willing to tempt the world’s greatest detective with his collection of riddles, that sometimes ends up as irritating. Still, here is the $349.99 Batman Arkham City Riddler Tropher Replica that allows you to display it on a shelf, be it at home or at the office.

The reason why it costs so much is because this has been hand-sculpted, hand-finished, and hand-painted, so you can be quite sure that no two of these are the same, as there should be some subtle differences between them. Not only that, the Batman Arkham City Riddler Tropher Replica would look a whole lot better in the dark and at night thanks to a beautiful LED effect. This is an officially licensed DC Comics collectible, so who knows, it might even be worth something many more years down the road when you are old and feeble, while Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight remains young, strong and rich in the comics.

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