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When it comes to headphones, there are just so many brands hanging around for you to choose from, so much so that it can be rather difficult in making a choice if you are not a well informed consumer. After all, there are two ways to approach a pair of headphones – the first would be by price, while the second is by design. We are glad to say that Polk with their recently announced Nue Era headphones does a pretty good job at maintaining a balance between the two, where it is said to redefine one’s musical style, appealing to fashionistas and audiophiles alike.

The Polk Nue Era headphones come in a jewel-like design complete with understated details, where each pair of in-ear headphones will be able to deliver rich and immersive sound that Polk has finely tuned over the past four decades, although they have decided to throw in a modern twist this time around which will cater to music lovers, especially audiophiles who also value their personal style on an equal basis.

Michael DiTullo, Chief Design Officer, said, “Headphones are an extension of our personality and a reflection of our fashion, however there haven’t been options that capture the timeless, easy-to-wear, vintage American style. In designing the Nue Era, we wanted to create an accessory that felt more like a classic pair of sunglasses, as easy as your favorite pair of jeans, and as well-crafted as a vintage timepiece. This inspiration has resulted in a headphone that is meant to be shown off, even when you want to keep your music all to yourself.”

Detailed and meticulous folks would definitely be able to identify with the amount of attention given to the detailing of the Nue Era headphones, ranging from its small sculpted housing to its sleek tortoise and champagne gold finish, or even the basic black and silver shades. Boasting supple ear tips that come in a range of sizes and shapes, they have been co-molded to the headphone ear tube to deliver the ultimate comfort, in addition to an intuitive three-button cable that makes sure it is a snap to toggle between music and phone calls. The cable itself is gold plated, sporting a precision machined 90-degree connector for a deeper source connection. The asking price? $99 per pair which should be music to your ears.

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