36-Bottle Wine Credenza


Some folks like collecting antique cars (and you will have to be especially loaded if you wish to take that path), while others prefer something a whole lot more affordable such as comic books and trading cards – baseball, basketball or otherwise. Well, perhaps you might want to stand out from the rest of the crowd in the neighborhood by boasting of a wine collection – and what better way to do so than host a party in your pad so that everyone else, especially that neighbor whom you loathe but always want to go one up on him, will be able to check out your $2,599.99 36-Bottle Wine Credenza.

While it is good enough to show off, the 36-Bottle Wine Credenza would also be able to function as the ultimate addition to any wine lover’s home. This is one stylish piece of storage furniture, where as its name gives the game away, is capable of holding up to three dozen bottles of your favorite wine at temperatures of 53°-64°F, thanks to a couple of independently controlled refrigerated units. Not only that, it also has more than enough space to stash in another 18 wine glasses in addition to the rest of your essential wine accessories. Other features of the 36-Bottle Wine Credenza include a trio of pull-out service shelves, dual-paned glass doors and soft interior lighting.

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