Swivl turns you into a master iPhone filmmaker


The iPhone’s camera throughout the smartphone’s several generations has long been quite the high end model among its rivals, but it is encouraging to see that both Windows Phone 8 and Android camps have finally caught up – and even surpassed the iPhone’s photo taking capabilities, leveling the playing field somewhat in this aspect. Having said that, you cannot deny the fact that there are plenty of iPhone users out there who are also fans of the device, and some folks even figured out that their iPhone cameras are good enough for capturing beautiful moments. Why not bring your homegrown filmmaking talent to the next level with the £179.99 Swivl? The Swivl basically turns you into a one-man film crew.

It will allow you to capture all those precious memories for posterity in a professional looking manner, regardless of whether you are shooting some action sports, a family member making a presentation, or even the neighborhood blockbuster film, the Swivl will still get the job done as it automatically follows your every move. It is fully automated and makes use of motion-sensitive tracking technology, delivering full 360º horizontal-rotation and +10º/-20º vertical movement. It works its magic by tracking the ‘Marker’, which so happens to be a small lightweight sensor which you clip onto clothing or hold in your hand, letting the Swivl base unit to home in on your exact position. This means whenever you move, Swivl will move with you (or your subject, depending on where the Marker is clipped). The Swivl Marker also has another function – to be a iOS Digital Microphone so that your productions are always filled with crystal clear audio.

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