Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive

Want to live life a little dangerously? You are able to do so by taking your chances whenever you are behind the wheel, but why do so in real life when you become a danger not only to yourself, but to people around you? You might as well get that done in a far more safer environment – that is, using a remote controlled toy, coupled with your imagination, of course. The $44.99 Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive would fit the bill perfectly, as you see tiny Mario gripping the wheel with both hands, ready to spring into action at any time!

The Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive is one cute little toy, where this particular racer might not have a trio of swirling red tortoise shells circling it at all times, but it is capable of performing a wheelie, something that Mario is unable to do in all Mario Kart series to date. Not only that, he intends to wow the skirts off the ladies by performing 360 degree spins, too! This R/C vehicle is capable of multiple speeds to boot, and will be powered by half a dozen of AAA batteries in total. Get two of these and you have a Mario vs Mario match.