Hue Animation Studio for Windows – Easy Claymation Fun


One of my fondest memories of being a kid is when my dad and I made a stop motion movie using his brand new movie camera. We never had a movie camera before, and we did all sorts of cool stuff with it, the best being a stop motion movie utilizing my Barbie and Ken dolls. 

There are plenty of apps out there that promise vintage photos or special editing, but not too much that offers you the ability to make stop motion or claymation style movies without special equipment or editing. Welcome the Hue Animation Studio for Windows, specifically designed so you can get right to the fun of it, this animation studio comes equipped with everything you need to make your first feature film.

The set is meant for kids 5 and up and comes complete with the flexible, plug and play, Hue HD webcam, with a built-in microphone. The flexibility of the camera will allow you to position it however you would like, letting you catch the action from above, behind or in front of your subject. You can upload your finished films (that are all ready for sharing) to YouTube, or you can share them with your friends.

The Hue Animation Studio is available at and comes with the camera, camera base, USB cable, modeling clay, and a quick start guide. The webcam comes in red, green, blue, pink, white or black and, its only around 89 bucks.

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