One Giant Leap introduces Kayak Power Meter

One Giant Leap happens to have a forward looking name, where it is an award-winning company that specializes in real-time feedback of human body mechanics as well as performance. Well, we bring you word that One Giant Leap as well as ANT+ have collaborated to deliver the paddle-based Kayak Power Meter. Just what kind of “magic” is the Kayak Power Meter capable of? Well, it is an instrumented paddle shaft, that comes with blades attached, in order to deliver real-time left/right feedback of performance data where among them would include power output , power balance and stroke rate. Pre-orders of the One Giant Leap Kayak Power Meter are currently being accepted, although the Kayak Power Meter itself will only be made available in September this year.

The Kayak Power Meter will play nice with any ANT+ display unit which supports the ANT+ Power profile, as this particular device enables kayakers to create the perfect data monitoring setup for their needs. It has been specially customized for shaft stiffness and length, where it can capture both left and right stroke data individually so that paddlers are capable of taking advantage of a more detailed reading on each stroke’s performance.

I guess you can say that it is pretty much in the same vein as that of the ANT+ cycling power meter and bike computer setups, considering how the Kayak Power Meter relies on ANT+ ultra low power technology so that it can capture and display power metrics on any ANT+ enabled fitness watch or kayak mounted computer sans wires. If you do not have the luxury of time to do so at that particular moment, data can also be viewed at a later time on a tablet or smartphone which will obviously need to have native ANT+ support, or to connect to ANT+ with the help of an adapter. The Kayak Power Meter has been slapped with a price tag of NZD$1,039 if you are interested.

Product Page via Press Release