DIODER drawer lamp only turns on when you need it


Everyone seems to have that one drawer in the house that seems to be a catch-all. It never starts out that way, though. When you moved in, you used it to store a couple of things in the kitchen that didn’t quite fit in with the rest. Now, whenever you need a marker, a pair of scissors, a small screwdriver, or a spare battery, that’s the first place you check, because it might be in there. The trouble is, sometimes there’s so much stuff in the drawer that you can’t see into the recesses. What you need is something that’s going to light up the drawer whenever you open it. And I’m not talking about a flashlight, because the one in the drawer needs new batteries.

This DIODER LED battery-operated lamp f/drawer (I’m guessing that means “for drawer”, but they didn’t feel like spelling it out.) might be exactly what you need. This light strip is 11-inches long, and has 6 LED’s to illuminate your drawer. Sure, there are plenty of other lights that you could stick in the drawer, but this one doesn’t need to be manually turned on and off. Instead, it can detect when the drawer is opened, and will automatically kick on. Once you’ve pushed it back in, the light will go off a few seconds later.

This light strip is pretty inexpensive, at just $15. It does, however, need a pair of AAA batteries to stay lit. But since it only stays on when you need it to, they should last quite a while before needing replaced.

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