barZapp – Can I Scan your I.D. Please?


I remember being a, shall we say, a young adult? Some extra make-up and a newly purchased fake I.D, getting a six pack of little green bottles of beer and drinking them with my best friends up near the lake. Those memories used to be so much fun, now I have a daughter of my own and she’s highly likely to create the same horrors for me, that I did for my mom… but for her, pulling the same nonsense is getting tougher every day.

Check out the barZapp ID Scanning App, this useful tool allows you to simply aim a smartphone at the barcode or the magnetic stripe located on a genuine driver’s license and within seconds, you can instantly verify the age and ID validity of the license, and the person handing it to you.

Meant for certain types of merchants including bar owners, this nifty little app can greatly reduce the chances of receiving fines and penalties when selling all kinds of age-restricted products like alcohol, cigarettes or chewing tobacco, access or movies, or any other products or activities that might require age verification.

A quick and simple barZapp scan of the encoded license information will actually display the bearer’s name, gender, ID number, date of birth and their computed age alongside sample photos of  IDs from the appropriate states so you know exactly what that Idaho drivers license is supposed to look like, and soon the app will also be able to maintain VIP lists and banned patrons.

The barZapp app is available at the Apple App Store for $1.99, and annual and monthly licenses are available on Intellicheck Mobilisa’s website for $19.95 per month. BarZapp requires iOS 6.1 or greater, and a version for Android will be available soon. So much for the little green bottles up at the lake, huh kid? Now if we can just come up with an app to scan her dates with…

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  1. Please notify us when android version isavailable. There is a huge market for this product where I live. My city and most small cities around me have gone wet. Shop owners will beg for this product. Problem is most people use android devices. Apple is to expensive. Hurry
    Thank you

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