Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar


Bluetooth-enabled speaker bars seem to be dime a dozen these days, so what are you as the discerning consumer who always wants to stretch the value of your hard earned money to its maximum to do? How about checking out the £69.99 Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar that will arrive in black and red color choices? The Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar will be able to pump out your favorite music, audio cues from games as well as deliver tub-thumpin’ audio from the movies you love sans pesky wires, while a built-in kickstand is guaranteed to raise your device to a viewing angle that is agreeable to your neck and eyes.

In addition, the Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar would boast of a two-way integrated microphone that would enable you to carry out hands-free phone calls, in addition to paving the way for enhanced Facetime and Skype conversations. It will play nice with a wide range of tablets, notebooks and smartphones, while the outer layer material that we know of as silicone makes the Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar near indestructible, although do not expect it to be able to withstand the clenched fist of the Incredible Hulk or Thor’s Mjolnir. Since it hooks up via Bluetooth, do expect it to be limited to a range of 30 feet, with an 8 hours playback time.

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