Flexit Ultra Thin Flexible Magnetic LED Light

There are times when you love nothing better than to snuggle up in bed after a particularly long and difficult day at the office, with a good book in hand that will have you turning its pages until you discover that dawn is breaking. Thing is, reading in your bed is fine and dandy if you happen to be living alone, but if you are already married, then your other half would most definitely appreciate it if he or she could sleep with all of the lights turned off. Hence, what are you supposed to do – go out to the study and read? Here is a short cut afforded by the $29.99 Flexit Ultra Thin Flexible Magnetic LED Light, where you can more or less call it the flashlight version of Gumby.

The Flexit Ultra Thin Flexible Magnetic LED Light will be able to attach itself to metal objects with magnets, where you can opt to hang it, loop it, or leave it as a freestanding device, now how about that? The flexible body is capable of shaping just the right amount of light for your reading needs, and it would also double up as a handy gift for that handy person in your life. With three power settings to choose from at a brightness level of 128 lumens, the three AA batteries that power it ought to deliver up to 70 hours of non-stop use. Heck, it is even water resistant that adds to its overall desirability.