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If there ever was an oxymoron, a gaming notebook would fit the mould in my books. After all, if you want a lean, mean, gaming machine, a souped up desktop would work to your advantage a whole lot more than a notebook which has its innards pimped out to resemble the performance of a gaming desktop. I know, there has been some notable standouts in the world of gaming notebooks in the past, but lugging those bad boys around can be hazardous to your health, especially when you do not want to dislocate your shoulder after a long day on the showfloor with a monster of a gaming notebook in your backpack. Enter Digital Storm’s VELOCE gaming notebook that intends to shatter conventional views about it.

For starters, the VELOCE gaming notebook is a 13.3” slim machine which definitely has looks that betrays its performance. Most folks might think of the VELOCE to be an ordinary working machine, but despite its 4.6 pound chassis (battery included) that measures a mere 1.26” thin, it packs more than enough graphical and gaming firepower underneath the hood to take you and a bunch of other naysayers aback.

The VELOCE holds the distinction of being the first Haswell powered slim gaming notebook that comes with a Full HD resolution display that will certainly not come up short when it wants to show off stunning visuals. Depending on the hardware configuration of your choice, the VELOCE gaming notebook would retail from $1,535 upwards, and runs on an Intel Core i7 4800MQ processor, NVIDIA’s GTX 765M graphics card, carries 8GB RAM, and a full high-resolution HD screen (1920×1080) 13.3″ display as mentioned earlier. There is also enough room to stash a couple of drives (mSATA & 2.5”) in a RAID configuration, while connectivity options include a dedicated internal network port, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, HDMI 1.4, VGA video out ports and Bluetooth. Are your hands itching to wrap around the VELOCE gaming notebook? It will be available from July 17th onwards.

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