Rhino Shield – Don’t go Anywhere without Protection


We make a large investment in our phones, not only are we invested monetarily, but these phones hold important information that we need to go on about our daily lives, and then, one day, we jump out of the car at our favorite Italian restaurant and wham! the phone lands on its face, on the hard concrete sidewalk, and despite the cute and bejeweled phone case, the screen shatters into a million pieces and I instantly no longer feel like spaghetti and meatballs followed by a cannoli, I just want to cry.

Well, I have a new phone and a new plan for it, I’m checking out Rhino Shield, a custom formulated, patent pending, impact resistant screen protector. Forget about Gorilla Glass 2, Rhino Shield is able to take on at least 5 times the impact energy and it’s still highly transparent, and incredibly thin (.029 cm) and can protect your precious touch screen from all kinds of unexpected perils, without changing how the screen looks, reacts, or feels.

Rhino Shield is actually layers of protection, all in one thin and effective super screen protecting sandwich. Rhino Shield protects the screen from those annoying fingerprint and oil smudges (you know, the ones you wipe off on your pants, don’t lie, I’ve seen you do it) and it protects your phone from scratches, and best of all, it helps to absorb the impact if you happen to drop your phone face first on the ground at Mama Luigi’s.

Rhino Shield, by Evolutive LABS was founded by some students from the University of Cambridge and was funded as a successful Kickstarter project back in April 2012, and now you can protect your own phone with it, starting at only around  25 bucks. Rhino Shield is available for most iPhones, the Blackberry and HTC, please check bitemyapple.co to see if there’s one for you.

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