Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek


If you think that you have the lung capacity of the big bad wolf, then you might want to give the $89.99 Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek a go. After all, it is the time to show off to the rest of your family and friends at a gathering that you have the lung bustin’ power to inflate these almost life-sized inflatable versions of the TARDIS and a Dalek. The Dalek itself would comprise of two different pieces, allowing the head to rotate along the way. We are talking about these being proud at more than 5 feet in height, so you might want to think twice about blowing them up using your mouth alone, lest you faint in the process and make yourself the butt of jokes among family members for years to come.

You will be able to select from either giant inflatable, although who are we to stop you if you decide to get both models considering how huge a fan you are of the entire Doctor Who series? The TARDIS would arrive in its traditional shade of blue, while the Dalek would obviously be red and oozing with evil. I know that Halloween is still some time away, but it always pays to be prepared.

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