Floating Cooler brings some summer fun


Summer is here, and you can tell that it has arrived via the weather (for those of us who happen to be living in the northern hemisphere, of course), in addition to the slew of blockbusters that have hit the silver screen so far (and far more to come, of course). It is time to have some fun in the sun after freezing your rear end off during the previous winter, and what better way to spend your lazy summer days than by chilling out at the edge of a pool, with some ice cold drinks within reach whenever you want to knock back a cold one? This is where the $49.99 Floating Cooler brings some summer fun comes in handy, where it will ensure that your beverages remain icy cold while it floats near to you.

The Floating Cooler can be considered to be rather roomy where its interior is concerned, and it has a 12-quart capacity that allows it to hold up to 18 cans (a dozen if you want to throw in your fair share of ice, of course). On the outside perimeter, you will find half a dozen numbered cup holders so that your party guests will be able to know just where they have placed their drinks. The memory suffers a wee bit when you are extremely relaxed and have some booze buzzing through your veins. Once done, just deflate the Floating Cooler for easy keeping.

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