Ringtool is small, but mighty


When you’re a tech junkie like me, you always find yourself in a situation where you’re tinkering with a gadget, opening up a computer, or a multitude of other things that require the use of a tool. Unfortunately this means making sure that you have, at the very least, a couple of screwdrivers handy at all times. Now unless a tool belt is your fashion accessory of choice, you’ll have to get creative with how you store them.

So how do you best fit 11 tools in your pocket, while still leaving room for things like car keys, and such. Obviously, a multi-tool is the only way you’re going to accomplish this. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the right one? With its minimalistic design and low price, the people behind the Ringtool think that their tool will be the only one you’ll need in your pocket.

This tiny tool measures just 2 inches at its widest point, and weighs less just one ounce. But despite its size, it manages to pack in 11 different functions. This includes Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, several hex drivers, spoke wrenches, and a bottle opener. Most of the tools stick out from around a circle, so they can be used by turning your hand much in the same way you use a key in a lock. The best part is that it’s made from one solid piece of stainless steel, which means it should be extra durable.

You can pre-order yours now by backing the Kickstarter campaign, which has already surpassed its goal. $25 will be all you need to put down to ensure that you get a Ringtool of your very own when they ship sometime in December.

Source: Gizmag

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