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They say that the dish that is cooked with love more often than not tastes the best, and I guess you can say that when your kitchen is equipped with the $16.99 Carrot Peeler & Sharpener. With this unique addition to your kitchen counter, you are able to add a dash of creativity to your dishes, especially those that come with carrots within. The Carrot Peeler & Sharpener would allow you to enjoy fun and pretty veggie curls without taking up too much time on your side, not to mention you will be able to feed the hungry horde faster than ever before since the preparation time is cut down.

As its name implies, the Carrot Peeler & Sharpener comes in the form factor of a giant pencil sharpener, although you can be quite sure that no pencils or toxic lead is going to tarnish this kitchen utensil. Contrary to its name, too, would be the fact that carrots are not the only vegetables that will be used with it, as it is also ideal for courgettes, parsnips, and cucumbers, among other kinds of long, radish veggies and other similar shaped vegetables. Definitely the perfect tool to add some flair to whatever salad dish you are keen to whip up.

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Gary Says: July 8, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Pencil lead is a misnomer referring to the inner core of a pencil. Pencils are made with varying percents of graphite and clay not lead. When pure graphite was found in England it was mistakenly thought to be black lead and was named as such.

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