iFetch toy for dog owners

Dogs are such lovable creatures, as each of them – regardless of size, have their very own personality and temperament, and just like humans, no two dogs are the same. Some dogs prefer to laze around all day long, while others are extremely active and would not leave you alone until you bring them out for their daily, long walks. Some dogs just look at the ball you just threw nonchalantly, and even with the incentive of their favorite treat, they would much rather remain on the floor where they were, while others start to get all excited the moment they see you wave a ball in your hand. If your four legged furkid loves to play fetch, you would more often than not realize that your throwing arm would have run out of strength long before your pooch is too tired to fetch the ball back. Perhaps it is time for technology to come into play, and this is where the iFetch comes in handy.

The iFetch happens to be the perfect toy for any small or medium sized dog, where it is considered to be an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Whether you walk around on paws or feet, you will love it for sure, if playing fetch is your cup of tea. The iFetch works this way – it will shoot a miniature tennis ball between 10 and 30 feet (thanks to a trio of adjustable settings), and is battery powered (six C batteries) for a day out (or if you happen to own a really large piece of lawn, you can opt to plug it into a nearby power outlet).

Basically, the iFetch is a no-frills device that powers up on demand, as it is capable of turning itself on whenever it detects that a ball has been dropped in, and after launching the ball, it will shut itself down. This is definitely one way of teaching your dog to fetch and return in a new and interesting way. Of course, it would have been better if there was some sort of automatic treat dispensing system upon the successful reloading of the iFetch. We are glad to say that the iFetch has gained more than triple the amount of funds required via its Kickstarter campaign, and so it ought to arrive on your doorstep if you are an eligible backer pretty soon.

iFetch Kickstarter Page