Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer


Are you a dog lover, so much so that you see your four legged friends as more than just pets, but prefer to call them ‘furkids’ instead? I am quite sure that those who are of the Cesar Millan school of thought would know that you should always maintain your position as the pack leader, and it would make training your pooch a whole lot easier after that. In order to make training sessions a whole lot more fun, how about getting a gizmo to help you out? Hammacher and their $99.95 Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer would seem to be a decent addition to your house, where this training aid dispenses treats with but a push of a button from a range of up to 25′ away.

The Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer would comprise of a wireless keychain remote control as well as a wall-mounted or freestanding dispenser, where the hopper would have to be filled with dry kibble or treats beforehand. Taking full advantage of the conditioning techniques that Ivan Pavlov discovered a long time ago where salivating canines are concerned, you now can give your dog a treat from a distance to reinforce good behavior. The dispenser itself can be set to emit a tone before releasing a treat, which would double up as a clicker training of sorts. The entire shebang requires a couple of AA batteries and one 3V lithium battery to function, although you can opt to plug it into an AC outlet, too.

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