Vis Vires bicycle is unlike any other you have seen before

Have you heard of FACTOR Bikes before? If you haven’t, perhaps it is time you did. FACTOR Bikes happen to be part of a visionary firm that revolutionized the aerospace industry, Formula 1 racing in addition to playing a part in shaping some of the most advanced supercars in the world. Well, this time around, they intend to take things at a slightly slower pace, by delivering the highly anticipated Vis Vires bicycle. The Vis Vires will come with electronics incorporated from the ground up, where all data will be captured in a manner that is not seen before thanks to a complete, accurate and fully integrated system that comprises of high-end monitoring devices.

In their quest for perfection with the Vis Vires, it requires flexible and reliable technology, which is why FACTOR decided to use ANT+ as their wireless sensor technology. This move would also ensure that in the blink of an eye, it would make the Vis Vires compatible with the millions of ANT+ devices that happen to dominate the cycling market today. There will be a couple of models on sale, with the Vis Vires Ultegra Di2 burning a £7,999/$10,441 hole in your pocket as it arrives with Factor Power Cranks, while those who are on a tighter budget, you can settle for the Ultegra cranks at £5,999/$7,830 a pop. As for the other model, it would arrive in the form of the Vis Vires Dura-Ace Di2, where you have to fork out top dollar for it – to the tune of £9,999/$13,051, to be exact. Those who have placed their faith in the Dura-Ace model will be able to ride on this coming August, while those who want the Ultegra model, it will only be available in January 2014.

The Vis Vires is able to capture data accurately, efficiently and easily, thanks to a full system of ANT+ compatible electronics that has been incorporated seamlessly into the bike frame. Your cycling sessions will never be the same again, this I promise you, and so too, will your bank account be a whole lot poorer.

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