Samsung Curved OLED TV introduced in South Korea

So, you think that you have the best looking TV in the neighborhood, do you? Back in the day of chunky CRTs, it was flat screen TVs that ruled the roost, showing the rest of the world that you have arrived if you happened to have one of those flat Trinitrons from Sony, or the Panasonic Tau. After that, along came the LCD revolution, which was subsequently accompanied by plasma, and at a later time, LED and OLED, where all of these had a few common characteristics – extremely slim form factors and of course, the flat screen to offer a fantastic viewing experience. Well, it seems that the curve is back, although this time around, it will be in the inverse to those of chunky CRTs of yore, as Samsung recently made available their Curved OLED TV in Seoul, South Korea.

You could more or less say that the Curved OLED TV marks a new level in innovation which will be able to deliver immaculate true-to-life pictures regardless of the angle that you are viewing from, and neither does the vantage point matter that much as before, thanks to its unique curved display. Being carefully crafted to accentuate its ‘Timeless Arena’ design, the Samsung Curved OLED TV remains at the cutting edge of technology courtesy of the Multi View feature and the Evolution Kit.

Just what gives an OLED display an edge over the others? Well for starters, Curved OLED is capable of delivering flawless picture quality as it comprises of thousands of self-emitting diodes which are capable of offering richer and brighter images compared to existing TVs that are in the market. However, these would require complex production methods, and it is a task that Samsung is up for thanks to its technology which has the intention to eliminate the potential for defective pixels. All 70” of viewing glory can be yours for KRW 15 million, which roughly translates to $13, 230 after conversion. Would you go for a car, or a new Curved OLED TV?

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