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When it comes to portable speakers – let alone Bluetooth enabled ones, these are dime a dozen in the market. The thing is, how does a manufacturer ensure that what they have on offer will be very different from the other offerings, so much so that folks would not hesitate to purchase and recommend your device compared to the rest? Take the £119.99 Switch Bluetooth Speaker for instance, as it comes in a choice of black and red shades.

The Switch Bluetooth Speaker would come in a clean, functional design that boasts of high-quality audio in addition to carrying an abundance of useful hidden extras, making it a truly versatile wireless speaker for plenty of occasions. The built-in battery is capable of lasting for the entire day, where you get up to 14 hours of non-stop playback on a full battery charge. Not only that, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker boasts of VoIP capabilities, allowing the unit to function as your very own conference call hub. Should you be a movie buff instead, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker ensures that your ears are in for a real treat, delivering high performance bass and a sub-woofer that ought to send chills down your spine. Not only that, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker also doubles up as a portable battery charger – as long as the thirsty devices of yours can be juiced up via USB, that is.

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