Handibot – the iPower Tool of the Future?


In high school, I was the girl that didn’t take home economics. I took wood shop, and still remember the day my friends and I got caught duct taping a circular saw to a railing to use as a make shift table saw. Yes, I’m lucky I still have all my fingers and both eyes, I eventually passed that class, but I never made more than a toothbrush holder. Power tools, my how the times are changing.

Check out this award winning Kickstarter project, the Handibot,  an app controlled, robotic power tool that is portable, digitally-controlled and used for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other useful and creative machining operations. This Handibot tool is actually run from a smartphone or tablet, or even a  PC and is useful for the do-it-yourselfer, or the professional for both creative and precision work.

The Handibot uses something called CNC technology, and if that term is unfamiliar to you then just think of the Handibot  as a ‘3D Cutter’ that will allow you to cut, drill, and carve in wood, plastic, and aluminum with computer-controlled precision and repeatability. Ahh.. so much better than a circular saw and duct tape.

Simply purchase the job appropriate app and download it to your smartphone or tablet and input your desired settings, click the load button, thereby sending the info to your Handibot which will in turn signal you with a blinking warning light, letting you know you can squeeze the start button and let the magic begin. So let your creativity flow, and be one of the first to have a Handibot for around 2400 bucks. Head over to kickstarter.com to watch a video, learn more about this amazing tool, or snag one for yourself.

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Torpic Says: July 3, 2013 at 7:33 am

Women invented a better tool long time back, it is able to do all these things activated by voice. They call it a “Husband”.

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