F.R.E.D. Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk


There is a saying that goes something along the lines of “you can never smell an accident coming”, which is pretty apt a description. After all, how many of us are able to foretell an accident (I am referring to normal folk, unlike those with some extra-sensory perception or possess the gift of clairvoyance)? Since it is better to be safe than sorry, all drivers should always take the extra precaution of ensuring that their vehicles are equipped with the basic tools like some jumper cables just in case the battery dies, or a tire replacement kit for those flat tire moments. The thing is, whenever you decide to pull over and see what is wrong with your car, you would do well to ensure other motorists are able to see you. This is where the $14.99 F.R.E.D. Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk will be able to help.

The F.R.E.D. Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk boasts of lateral illumination that delivers great visibility, and the light itself can be seen at up to 1 mile away, now how about that? There is also a magnetic back that attaches itself to metal surfaces, and with a single push of the button (which is all too tempting), it will rotate through the entire gamut of the light’s functions. Not only that, the F.R.E.D. Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk is here to stay as it can float on water, and is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 lb of weight. It is powered by a trio of AAA batteries that should keep it going for up to 38 hours, so make sure you have spares in tow always.

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Art McClure Says: June 29, 2013 at 1:04 pm

A FRED is also the name of the flashing light on the rear of freight trains – Flashing Rear End Device.

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