BubblePod lets you shoot 360º images

Have you heard about the BubblePod before? If you answered in the negative, here is a quick introduction to the BubblePod. The BubblePod functions as a smartphone accessory which will be able to deliver flawless 360º images in a matter of seconds, and ever since it was launched over on the famous crowd funding site Kickstarter, it managed to hit its funding goal with a grand total of 12 days left on the clock. Available at £20 a pop, the BubblePod will basically let you capture the entire scene around you, in perfect high-res 360º media to boot.

The BubblePod might not seem like much at first glance, and I guess you could say that some others around you might even wonder just what the heck is it? It so happens that the BubblePod comes across as a stylish clockwork turntable which will be able to grip and rotate your smartphone in a jiffy, and you ought to make full use of the accompanying free BubblePix App in order to have it deliver stunning 360º photographs in high resolution.

Since it has already secured the minimum amount of funding, BubblePix (the people behind the BubblePod) will be able to cast their aspirations on delivering the BubblePod to their faithful backers this coming October, while offering additional stretch goals that might just send your adrenaline pumping. So far, the announced stretch goal happens to be a wide-angle camera lens, and when you pair that up with the BubblePod, you end up with an incredible 360º x 125º image capture.

Tom Lawton, BubblePod inventor, shared,”People are increasingly using their smartphones rather than traditional cameras, and the BubblePod gives you those high quality images without having to break the bank. We are astounded by the positive response, and it’s fantastic that we’ve hit our funding target so quickly. A massive thank you to every one who has backed, supported and given us your feedback, we could not have done it without you”. Would you pick up the BubblePod for your own use?

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