Xentry transforms smartphone into electronic door caller display


There is nothing quite like taking something old and fashioning something new and updated out of it with a little bit of extra help from more modern technology, of course. Case in point, U.S. startup Xavage Technologies has decided to create a new kind of smartphone housing that will work in tandem with an app, and has christened it Xentry. Basically, Xentry is capable of transforming an older generation iPhone or even the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate into a door-mounted caller-display, letting you check out who is at the door at the moment, while allowing you to communicate with them via using a corresponding app. Since an older smartphone is used here, you need not worry too much that someone is going to steal a spanking new iPhone 5 from literally your doorsteps, which ought to provide some sense of relief to most of us.

Basically, with the Xentry, your old and retired smartphone will be mounted on the inside of your front door, where there will be a customized peephole attachment which replaces an existing peephole lens, letting the phone’s camera to come into play instead, staring out into the corridor so that you know whether your pizza has come a-knockin’.

The “smart door” system will be able to stream real-time video as well as audio thanks to your home Wi-Fi network, so you need not have to fork out extra each month to have a SIM card working in the door-mounted smartphone. Other than that, there is also the ability to disguise your voice whenever you speak to the the caller at the door, with the added functions of door movement detection via the phone’s gyroscope as an added security measure.

Xavage hopes to raise $200,000 using Indiegogo so that the two Xentry models will be able to enter production, with one of those being specially designed to house old iPhones (3GS/4/4S), while the other is meant for the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, which was one of the most popular devices Stateside in 2010.

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