Space Invaders Keychain Game


I am quite sure that all gamers who consider themselves seriously would have had a go at Space Invaders in one form or another in the past, but this time around, we have something which could very well take the cake where the uniqueness of gaming is concerned – in the form of the $12.99 Space Invaders Keychain Game. With this unique keychain, it not only holds all of your precious keys in a single bunch, it will also allow you to kill some time without requiring the need to carry around a smartphone.

Basically, the Space Invaders Keychain Game is a different take from that of a regular “Whack A Mole” game, as the invaders are depicted by a slew of buttons, and whenever these buttons light up, all you need to do is smash the respective buttons, and the invasion will be prevented. To add to the authentic feel of the old era of video games, actual sound effects from Space Invaders are thrown into the mix. I think that most adept gamers will most probably “complete” this game fairly quickly and easily, since it comes with just three levels of challenging fun.

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