Meteor smartwatch by Kreyos

When it comes to the smartwatch industry, you could say that this is still a young market which is relatively untapped, but finding the correct killer combination of hardware as well as software is the secret recipe that has yet to be discovered. Sure, Android has their champion in the form of the Pebble timepiece, and there are also whispers that Apple might come up with an iOS-powered iWatch. Still, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, which is why the Meteor smartwatch by Kreyos is an interesting proposition. It is an Indiegogo project at the moment, and will play nice with Appleā€™s iOS, while boasting voice and gesture control support to boot.

The Meteor will feature a three-axis gyro, carry an accelerometer and other motion sensors which are capable of detecting things like wrist motion. The wrist motion detection can be customized so that you will be able to effect the right response with a movement which you are most comfortable with. Voice control would also come in handy during those moments when both of your hands are occupied.