Energy Gummi Bears are a tasty substitute for your energy drinks


There are times in most people’s lives when they need to spend more hours working than are available to them. This usually leads to cutting into your sleep hours, just to get some extra work done. If you start to do that enough, you’ll also notice that your morning cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore. Soon you can’t be found without an espresso in your hands, just to keep your eyes open. That’s when you turn to the evils of energy drinks. But what if you’re too embarrassed to carry around a Red Bull or Monster everywhere you go?

If you want to discreetly ingest caffeine and other eye-opening substances throughout the day, why not turn to these Energy Gummi Bears? Each bag of these chewy little bears has 32mg of natural caffeine, along with Guarana, Taurine, and other energy-boosting ingredients.

You can pick up a single pack for $2, or get yourself a 5-pack for just $8. They only come in citrus blast flavor, so there’s no variety to look forward to. Of course, you’ll be so tired and jacked up on energy-boosting elements that you won’t even notice the taste. Just remember to always keep a bag of regular gummy bears on-hand, for when your friends ask for one.

Source: GeekAlerts

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Pranjal Says: June 28, 2013 at 9:14 am

Aha! those little edible bears 😉

I wish I can get bunch of these in my country!

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