Undercover Mouse – Catch Me if you Can!


I don’t like to involve myself in choosing dog or cat person sides. I happen to love almost all animals, and I do have a cat. Cats are definitely more independent , and unlike a dog they seem to spend a lot of time doing nothing at all. I like to try and find some things that might get old Max up and off the sofa.

Well, check out Undercover Mouse, an ingenious little faux mouse under a cloth that mimics the real deal. Undercover Mouse moves pretty quickly and his movements are actually random, he slows down and speeds up and he can even reverse direction just out of your kitty’s view, under his durable nylon cover. The movements look like they would peak any cats interest, and in my house they did.

Undercover Mouse was more than enough to get Max moving, and for almost an hour he pounced and swatted in an attempt to capture the elusive critter, even trying to pull a few “look at me, I’m walking away” moves, only to turn and pounce right back on the mouse.

Undercover Mouse uses AA batteries and be forewarned, they do get used up rather quickly so rechargeable ones may be your best bet, and depending on the “hunting” style of your cat it may not be as durable as I would like, but for around 30 bucks it made for some comedic entertainment, for the cat, and for any spectators who happened to be around! Undercover Mouse is available from amazon.com. Here, kitty kitty…

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Mukesh Says: June 26, 2013 at 11:30 pm


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