Ecoxgear unveils the Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth speaker


So you happen to have a great love for all things in the great outdoors, and since this is the 21st century, what is the point of spending time under a canopy of stars when you do not have the right kind of music and background soundtrack to guide you along the way? A portable speaker which is rugged in nature would definitely come in handy, and Ecoxgear has just unveiled their Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The Ecorox has been touted to be the most rugged and durable portable Bluetooth speaker in the world, anyone out there who cares to dispute this particular claim? Touted to offer 100% waterproof protection (IPX7 approved) and a rubberized shockproof casing, the Ecorox is tough enough to withstand drops, dunks, and even the most severe outdoor elements without batting an eyelid.

So what if you want to spend most of your time near a body of water, whether it be by a lake, at the riverbank, or by the beach? The Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth speaker will still be able to get the job done, as it will remain afloat despite being dropped into water, ensuring that you as well as the rest of nature will be able to tune in to some Justin Bieber. Not only that, it will also come equipped with a detachable carabiner clip as well as a standard bottom screw mount, coming in a lightweight and compact size so that you can attach the Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth speaker to just about anything, including your bike, backpack, tent, or car.

Since it hooks up to your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible device, the Ecorox is able to play music or answer incoming calls, but if you want the conversation to remain private, then that is not such a good idea after all. Underneath the chassis lies a rechargeable lithium battery which paves the way for up to 10 hours of non-stop music playback. Expect to pick up the Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth speaker from June 25th onwards in Apple retail stores in US as well as Canada for $129.99 a pop, where you can choose from red, orange and black colors.

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