Fishbots require less maintenance than the real thing


You know that famous aquarium screensaver that we have come to know and love, especially for all of you Windows users? Well, it seems that there is the quantum leap that you can take when it comes to fake fish swimming around. Instead of having them appear on your LCD monitor in an aquarium that does not require any kind of cleaning or maintenance, how about getting the $49.95 Illuminated Fish Bots to help spruce up your home? This pair of illuminated robotic fish will be able to offer the kind of ambient light in a pool as they go about their business of swimming autonomously.

Not only that, this pair will reproduce the exotic characteristics of lionfish, boasting flexible, elongated dorsal and pectoral fin rays as well as contrasting purple, blue, and orange color bands. It is the ideal tool to deliver a whimsical diversion at nighttime pool parties, as blue LEDs which have been housed in the bulbous eyes and fins will deliver the kind of illumination required as each of them goes about their business, swimming just below the water’s surface alongside a reciprocating tail fin. They will need three AA batteries apiece to work, otherwise they would just sink to the bottom of the pool. Best of all is, there is no muck, slime or poo for you to clean up after them.

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