Alien Flyer R/C


How many of you out there grew up on a diet of the X-Files? You know, that eerie intro music coupled with a blurry image of a UFO hovering around on the now classic poster with the words “I Want To Believe” emblazoned all over. How about freaking out your neighbors with the $24.99 Alien Flyer R/C? For those of you who have already watched Man of Steel, you would realize that the way to spook someone out of their comfort zone would be through the introduction of some aliens into their lives.

With the Alien Flyer R/C, you will be able to fly your very own pet alien all over the neighborhood, as long as it remains within range of the remote control, of course. This particular alien will not perform any anal probes on abducted humans or cows, but rather, he has just three functions that he will respond to – namely Up, Down, and Light. An infrared sensor port also lets him hover in a creepy alien kind of way, and the entire shebang will run on a quartet of AAA batteries instead of some form of sustainable energy cultivated from alien sources.

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