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Cambridge Audio, a world-class acoustic design team that has tucked decades of Hi-Fi audio innovations under their belt, is back again this time around with their latest release which they have called the Minx M5. The Minx M5 so happens to be a powerful 2.1 audio system which is capable of reproducing computer audio with clarity, emotion and passion, all without missing a beat. This once again goes to show that you should not judge a particular device by its size or external design.

Merging Cambridge Audio’s proprietary technologies and in-house design expertise has brought about a fair amount of strategic benefits to the Minx M5’s pair of satellite speakers, as they are now capable of producing an amazingly rich and detailed sound, so much so that Cambridge Audio suggests that if you were to place someone in a room without looking at the Minx M5 in its physical form, but rather, just to hear the kind of audio performance that it cranks out, which would most probably fool most folks into thinking that they are listening to something a whole lot physically larger than what the Minx M5 comes in.

Apart from that, there is the compact active subwoofer which can remain hidden from sight if you want to (for aesthetic purposes, obviously), and it can also be controlled remotely, ensuring that your ears are treated to incredible deep and punchy bass along the way. There is also an integrated digital amplifier which delivers effortless room-filling power, alongside an adjustable bass control so that the Minx M5 can be perfectly tuned to suit its location.

Connectivity options of the Minx M5 include a USB audio input and a high-quality DAC which will be able to process digital audio in a far purer manner compared to how a computer’s soundcard is able to. Each purchase of the $229 Minx M5 system would also be accompanied by a desktop control hub which will carry both power and volume adjustments, apart from an aux input that lets you hook up any portable audio device of your choice.

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