CM4 Q Card Case for the Galaxy S4 announced


Have you heard of CM4 before? They have earned their stripes by being known as a designer of premium mobile accessories, and this time around, CM4 has announced the Q Card Case for the hot selling Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. With the Q Card Case, it comes in an innovative design that will merge the functionality of a built-in wallet and a durable case, and it has been specially crafted to protect the new Samsung Galaxy S4, too. Not only that, there is more than meets the eye as it has also been updated with an integrated audio amplifier, making the Q Card Case offer the user excellent sound clarity along the way.

Not only is it slim, it is also functional, making CM4’s Q Card Case is perfect for any occasion. The case would comfortably fits a trio of cards and cash, while outfitting your phone with style and convenience. It does not matter whether you are navigating through airport security, shopping at the local grocery, or hitting the town with friends, the Q Card Case will be able to reduce any kind of clutter that you will find in pockets and purses. The Q Card Case is constructed using soft-touch rubber and a premium fabric sleeve, which further enhances safety against scratches, dirt and bumps.

CM4 has some geniuses in their design department, where they have cleverly designed the case to fit the Samsung Galaxy S4 like a glove, without compromising its access in any way, since you are still able to access to all switches, jacks, and cameras without missing a beat. Thanks to the patent pending Direct Channel Audio design, sound is directed towards the front of the phone, so that users are able to experience louder and clearer audio whenever they watch their favorite videos, listen to music, or are involved in a conference call. This is done thanks to an innovative redirection of the phone’s built-in rear speaker, and best of all is, the case requires no extra juice to get the job done. Couple that with a profile which measures under 5mm, we have got quite a potential winner here. The Q Card Case would ship this July, although you can place a pre-order for it at $39.99 a pop.

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