EZ Sleep Travel Pillow – Dream while you’re Flying


It’s that time again, the kids are out of school, the weather is good, so let the vacations begin! I love a few weeks away, I just hate to fly. No, I’m not afraid, I just hate the small seats, talkative neighbors, and the complete inability to get any rest. Every time I fly I hope that I will sleep through the journey and awaken refreshed upon arrival. Hah! 

Well, with the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow, gone are the days when you awaken to gently wipe your drool off your seat-mate’s shoulder. The EZ Sleep Pillow is an nifty little problem solver, it folds into an easily portable pack, blows up in only 3 or 4 breaths and is meant to be installed between airplane seats, in order to afford you some privacy, and a cozy place to rest your head, allowing you to nap peacefully, and save your drool for yourself.

Of course, there are those of us that wont feel comfortable throwing up a barrier between us, and the stranger in the seat next to us, so the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow can also be used in a forward position by placing it on your lap and against the back of the seat in front of you, and then, when the flights over, simply deflate it, roll it up and stick it in your travel bag.

It does seem like an overly simple solution to a longstanding problem, but an hour into a red-eye flight to New York from Los Angeles you’ll remember this post and wish you had just bought the stupid thing, and, for under 25 bucks its a whole lot cheaper than flying first class! Get yours today at amazon.com.

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