Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies


Are you someone who loves picking up special editions of different items, whether they are video game consoles or fashion items? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would do well to check out the £59.99 Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies, where it will be limited to just 10 pairs. As the name of the Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies has done a pretty good job by itself in revealing what it does, I am here to do the formalities – it is basically an integrated Bluetooth speaker with a splashproof carry pouch.

Not only that, it comes with a half year Full Bloom subscription, now how about that? will merge radio and music discovery using their unique ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ subscription system. In addition, has just rolled out their free mobile app at the beginnign of this year, and have since garnered more than 150,000 active users. Each pair will feature a quality wireless speaker that is attached to one leg, alongside a splash proof pouch on the other, ensuring that regardless of where you walk around, you will be able to walk to the beat of your own boots. Just make sure that you have nothing that goes too fast, otherwise you’d have to break out in a run instead.

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