Steam Cleaning Grill Brush


Grilling is by far the healthier option compared to BBQ-ing your meat, but as for the matter of taste, that remains subject to personal preferences and interpretation. For those who prefer to grill their steak, you would know that cleaning up after a full and hearty meal can be quite a chore, especially when the post-dinner coma is about to hit as your body goes into digestive mode. If you are the type of person who prefers to get things done yourself, then the $69.95 Steam Cleaning Grill Brush could be right up your alley. Not only does it make cleaning up after grilling a whole lot easier, it also gets the job done right, too.

Just how well does the Steam Cleaning Grill Brush perform? For starters, this grill brush will rely on the power of steam to quickly and thoroughly clean grill grates. There is a chamber that is located within the handle which will be able to hold up a couple of cups of water, while there is also a spout set within the bristles which will release water onto hot grill grates. This would create steam which removes burnt-on food and grease without you expending a whole lot of effort. The steam itself will help loosen even the most stubborn detritus, so that the two heads of rigid, double-gauge stainless steel bristles are able to clean the grates in a jiffy. The frame itself is made from durable alloy aluminum, measuring 18.25″ long, so that users are able to easily reach all areas of the grill with optimal leverage.

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