Findables – The Smarter Smartphone Case

I share a lot of gadgets that have to do with finding, or tracking lost items. To hear it be told you would think I lose everything, all the time… and you’d be right. Presently, I’m missing 2 out of 4 remote phone handsets. The one thing I can’t lose is my iPhone, that would be life altering.

Check out Findables, not just another gadget to help you keep track of a gadget, Findables  is actually a smartphone case with an associated app that can act as a reward poster,  a virtual business card, or a “call me sometime” high tech introduction.

Every Findables case comes with a unique QR code and a free mobile app that lets you create and personalize up to 3 different connected profiles, and it enables you to switch  between modes as needed. Why 3 you ask? Perhaps you want to create a business profile for your next meeting and kiss your business cards goodbye, and then have a social page complete with contact info or Facebook stuff at the ready for a night on the town. Lastly, why not utilize the lost mode with a reward  page, so you can increase the chances of getting your smartphone back should you ever leave it behind.

Anyone can simply scan your case’s QR code and viola! Your info is now their info. Very cool. Findables come in a nice array of relatively standard case colors as well as a glow-in-the-dark option, and they are currently available for the iPhone 5, 4, 4S and iPad (including the new mini) and the Galaxy S3. Prices come in at just under 30 bucks. So get yours at and scan me sometime!