Denim Smartphone Handset


If there is one thing that I have learned about fashion throughout my relatively short life here on earth (I am right now going through what they call the middle of the second half of my two score years), it is this – fashion statements get recycled from time to time, so if you happen to have this hot fashion item back in the days of your youth, do not throw it out! It might eventually return to style one of these days, and who knows, by then you might have a vintage piece in your closet. Jeans and denim, however, rarely go out of style, and if it is good enough for Steve Jobs, it should be good enough for everyone. Style just called with the £39.99 Denim Smartphone Handset, where it sports a classic ‘telephone-style’ design, being covered in high-quality denim.

There is also a 0.25” audio cable that will plug into the headphone socket, and the Denim Smartphone Handset plays nice with all smartphones that are in the market at the moment. This is definitely the device or accessory to tote around when you want to make a fashion statement, telling the world that you are an ’80s kid.

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